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free__stuff's Journal

Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

runsn2windows21 is your moderator//maintainor.
shadowed_lights is your other moderator.
be nice to us, or we`ll ban you:).

This community is for pre made layouts, headers, backgrounds and icons only.

here are the rules--

1.) If you are posting more then 2 icons
they have to be under a cut.

2.) If you post any amount of headers,
or backgrounds, they have to be under a cut.

3.) Do not post more then 30 icons
at one time.

4.) Do not post more then 20 headers
at one time.

5.) Do not TyPe LiKe DiS. its annoying
and stupid.

5.) Do not criticize any ones work, thats
not what this community is for.

6.) When you take someone’s work, comment
and then credit. When you credit, credit
the maker and this community (free__stuff

7.) The only way you can promote a community
is if, in your post, you say something like “The
rest of my icons are at my icon journal free_stuff.

8.) Make all of your posts friends only. One of the moderators
will comment telling you to make your post friends only,
if you don`t do what they say after 2 days of their comment,
then your post will be deleted.


_random23 if your random

__the_oc if you like the tv show the OC.